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What you really want to become is an important question of life. After class 12th is the high time to decide and find an answer to this question. For some students’ selection, of courses after 12th is an easy exercise, while for some it’s a difficult thing to do. If you have decided to continue your career in the same stream in which you have done your class 12th then it will be easier for you to settle down in any related course. If you are one who always wished to escape the complex chapters of Physics or the endless run to get correct answers of mathematical puzzles, then it’s an opportunity to liberate yourself after class 12th. But this liberation comes with a price. You would be faced with challenging decision phase. Once you resolve to pursue that career option which interests you, surely you will get success.

Nowadays there are multiple career options for students after class 12th. Whether your background is in Science stream, Art Stream or Commerce stream, there is no dearth of career options for you. Development and advancement have taken place in almost every field. This has led to their diversification, which in turn has opened up the doors of multiple career options for students. Here we are mentioning about some of the popular career options for students from the different background.

What are latest career options after class 12th in PCM?

If you have done your class 12th in science with PCM (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics) and you don’t want to change your track, then there are numbers of career options available for you. B. Tech is one of the best option for you. You can choose the area of your specialization to do B. Tech. Some of the traditional areas of B. Tech specialization are- Mechanical engineering, Civil engineering, Electrical engineering, Electronic and Telecommunication engineering, etc. B. Tech in Computer science is one of the most popular choices among science students.Similarly, B. Tech in Aeronautical engineering is another popular choice among students. Many science students also prefer to do B. Sc in Physics with a dream to become a scientist.

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What are latest career options after class 12th in PCB?

If you are one who has done a class 12th with PCB (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) then you too have numbers of career options. If you are one who has taken Biology in class 12th with an aim to become a doctor then MBBS/BDS are the best options for you. But if you are looking for some different career options with Biology, then B. Sc in Bioinformatics or Biotechnology or Food and nutrition or Home science are best alternatives for you.

What are latest career options after class 12th in Arts?

Arts students, mostly do their bachelor’s with an aim to appear for the Civil service examination in the future. Some of the preferred subjects of them are Political science, Psychology, Philosophy, Geography, Public administration, History, etc. But those arts students who wish to do something exciting and different can opt for a bachelors in Journalism or LLB or Business administration.

What are latest career options after class 12th in Commerce?

Among Commerce students Chartered Accountancy is one of the most preferred career option. The C.A is a 5 year degree course. It has numbers of stages, by qualifying them a student becomes a C.A practitioner. With commerce, one can also choose to do B. Com in Economics. Some students with Bachelor’s degree in Economics get direct campus selection in eminent companies.

Thus, whether you have done your class 12th in science, commerce or arts, there are numbers of career options available for you. By selecting a right career option you can carve out a great career for yourself.

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