How To Crack UGC NET Exam?

Prepare for UGC NET exam to Score Good Marks

In order to pursue your career as a Researcher or Lecturer, one must need to appear for the UGC NET Exam. Based on the score achieved in the NET Exam, a candidate is given admission for JRF or Lectureship in different colleges and universities. And, due to tough competition, clearing the UGC NET Exam with good marks is quite difficult. To help candidates, below we have provided some tips and tricks to crack UGC NET exam.

Tips and Tricks to Crack UGC NET Exam

1.) Be Aware of UGC NET Exam Syllabus

The UGC NET exam is conducted in three phases. Each phase is conducted of one exam. While the Paper-1 consists of General Aptitude Questions, the exam of the rest two phases – Paper-2 and Paper-3 consists of questions related to the specific subject. So, know about the topics that you will need to cover for your exam syllabus to score good marks.

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2.) Refer to Good Study Material

A good study material is one of the important aspects when preparing for the NET exam. Make sure to refer good textbooks recommended by UGC. The concepts in such books are clear and easy to understand. They help in understanding the basic concepts and logic of the syllabus. Take assistance from seniors, teachers, and friends to know about good study material.

3.) Make Notes

When you make notes of topics, it not only helps in memorizing the topic but also helps revise everything in the short period of time. So, make sure to make notes of the topic, especially the important ones to enhance your preparation for UGC NET exam.

4.) Give Tuition

In order to test your preparation of what you’ve learned or understood, you can start giving tuition to someone. This will not only help you ascertain your preparation but also help you memorize better and work on the topics that need more attention.

5.) Be a Good Time Manager

In competitive exams, it is important to know how to manage time in the best possible manner. Try to practice as many previous years’ questions paper and sample papers as you can. This will help you in improving your time significantly and allow you to attempt more questions. During the exam, start with easy sections first and then go to difficult questions.

6.) Keep Yourself Updated

Make sure to keep yourself updated with the current affairs and latest news about UGC NET Exam. Also, make sure that you are completely aware of your concerned NET exam subject.

In addition to above suggestions, it is very important to keep a positive approach and be high in confidence. Be around people who encourage you for the exam. This will keep you positive and boost your confidence. So, this is how you can prepare well for your UGC NET Exam and score good marks.

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