Secret Ingredients of Success in GATE Exam in Last One Month

GATE exam is just one month away. All the candidates are preparing hard to perform their best on the Big day. Though all most every aspirant try their best, but only few candidates can crack this exam with ease. It is only because they don’t miss the secret ingredients of success. These essential things can make difference in the final score of GATE. Here we will provide you the secrets which will help you to give magical touch in your preparation. It is the last month preparation which can make a difference and secure a high score. Follow these tips and tricks for preparing for GATE exam in one month.

Tips to Prepare GATE exam in 1 Month

  • Finish the Syllabus: You should know all the details of your syllabus. Though it is very tough for any candidate to cover this huge syllabus, but there is no other way to succeed. Try to touch all the nitty gritty of the course and note down the details like formula, concepts and definition. Try to revise the syllabus as much as you can. Spend some time to understand the exam pattern, marking scheme and marks weightage to take benefits during the exam.
  • Study Hour: For the last 1 month, you should distract yourself to the entertainment and social activities and have a dedicated study hour. This is the last chance for you to cover up the gaps which you may have missed. As per the interview of the GATE toppers, the last month is the most crucial time for them as they have devoted the maximum amount of time only for the preparation. Try to devote 10-12 hours a day for the preparation.
  • Rigorous Revision: You need to keep revise throughout the syllabus whenever you get time. As the GATE syllabus is huge, you should not compromise with the chance for review. This is the last chance to cover the things you may have missed in the past. You need to create strategy for revision and plan your routine accordingly.
  • Sample Papers Practice: ‘Practice makes a man perfect’. This proverb is apt for all the GATE aspirants. You should practice the sample papers and previous years’ exam to improve your weak areas and do better time management. For the last month, your focus should be to strengthen your weak area.

Mock Test: You need to enroll yourself to any nearest coaching centre for mock test. It is the best way to prepare yourself for the final day. Those online tests will give you real time feeling of exam day. After completing the test, get the feedback from the examiner to evaluate your preparation. Try to attempt as much mock test as you can.

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