Avoid making these common mistakes in IIT JEE Exam

The IIT JEE aspirants are aware about the best practice for preparing and studying, but they aren’t unaware about the common mistakes they should avoid. Our expert panel figured out the common mistakes an IIT JEE aspirant do, which should avoid. You can also take help from these advices.

common mistakes in IIT JEE Exam

Getting panic

This is one the common mistakes from IIT JEE aspirants; especially the examination dates come closer. The best way is to get rid of over thinking and focus on performing on the exam date. Once you get panicky, you lose control over you and get anxiety right before the exam; just focus on revising the things. Your preparation is enough to perform well; this idea will keep you motivated.

Collection of various books

Reading or preparing from every possible book for IIT JEE preparation is not going to help you. You should give ample time to the easy to understand and suitable books and notes for the latest IIT JEE syllabus. More books and notes will create more confusion for you and at the end of the day, you might lose your selection with IIT JEE.

Preparation for a new topic/chapter

This is one of the worst mistakes an IIT JEE aspirant does while preparing with IIT JEE. The last minute decision to start learning a new topic or chapter is difficult. This makes your preparation schedule disturb. If you are unable to prepare timely, then you will also be in a difficult mental state which is enough to ruin your IIT JEE entrance.

Prepared timetable, but hardly follow it

This is again a difficult task, which requires commitment during IIT JEE preparation. Students start in a hurry, but later find it difficult to follow the timetable. Procrastination is really harmful for your aim to get selected in IIT JEE. You should avoid preparing a difficult timetable to follow it.

Stick to a favorite subject/topic

The liking for a particular subject or topic is really harmful; especially when you are supposed to be equally expert in all subjects of IIT JEE. This is common as students used to develop liking for a particular subject or topic. For example, you are good in organic chemistry, so you start practicing organic chemistry more. Simply, give equal time to each subject and if needed give more time to that particular subject or topic which you find more difficult to understand.

Skipping the tests

Preparing for IIT JEE at your comfort or in a classroom coaching is easy; the difficult and challenging part is to perform in the exam. In order to fix this anxiety issue; experts recommend to go with mock tests. Mock tests are prepared to give you the real feel and experience of IIT JEE exam. This will also make you comfortable with the online mode of examination, which is introduced by this year.

Sleepless night before exam

Don’t ever this mistake for any exam, forget about IIT JEE. The fresh and healthy you will be able to sit and write your IIT JEE exam. IIT JEE aspirants should sleep properly at night before the exam. Taking lesser sleep will make you difficult to perform up to the mark.

Marking all answers in the last moment

The negative marking is there to keep you away from unnecessarily marking all remaining questions at the last moment to get some bonus marks by any of these attempts. This is not a great practice to follow; you might end up losing some of your precious marks. Just mark the correct answers you know or you have figured out.

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