GATE exam pattern is different this year; explore what is new

GATE Exam 2018 adopted the ONLINE Computer Based Test (CBT) mode where the candidate has been shown the question paper on a computer screen. The ONLINE Computer Based Test (CBT) mode is the latest development with GATE Exam 2018, earlier, which was Offline – a Pen and Paper based examination. The all 23 examinations of different streams have been conducted in the same pattern. There were a few changes and improvements with the exam pattern for this year.

GATE exam pattern

The introduction of Computer Based Test (CBT) in GATE Exam 2018

This was the first time, when they introduced the ONLINE Computer Based Test (CBT) mode for GATE Exam; it was a completely different experience for candidates. GATE Exam 2018 supposed to be more transparent and advanced examination pattern, so the Computer Based Test (CBT) mode has been adopted. The use of technology is to increase the transparency with exam and declare the result quickly.

In the ONLINE Computer Based Test (CBT) for GATE Exam 2018, candidates have been provided the Virtual Scientific Calculator on their computer screen for any calculation and problem solving approach. Though, Scribble pads were also there to do any rough work, but it was instructed to write the name and registration number on the scribble pad of candidate before he/she starts using it. These used Scribble pads have to return to the invigilator after examination.

The exam duration of GATE 2018

The GATE Exam 2018 has been conducted for 3 hours for each stream, which had 65 questions for a total 100 marks. This was an online CBT so, once the exam duration of 3 hours got over; the computer screen automatically inhibited any further actions. So, candidates were instructed to complete the exam in the given time period and submit it timely.

The GATE Exam 2018 pattern

GATE Exam 2018 pattern was for two different types of questions; Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) and Numerical Answer Type (NAT) Questions. Let’s have a look over these two different types of questions.

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) – As the name suggests, Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), so there would be more than one choice for answering the questions. It is objective type question, where a candidate needs to mark the correct answer from the available answers. It carries 1 or 2 marks each in all the papers and sections of your GATE exam.

There is a negative marking in MCQ type of questions; students should avoid any random answer. For each incorrect 1- mark MCQ, candidates will be charged for 1/3 mark and for each incorrect 2 – mark MCQ, 2/3 mark will be deducted.

Numerical Answer Type (NAT) Questions – NAT is the important section of your GATE Exam as being the technical section of engineering. This type of questions also carries 1 or 2 marks each in all the papers and sections. The virtual numeric keypad has been provided for candidates to answer these questions; your computer system keyboard has been disabled for use.

The answer can be a number as an integer or a decimal value too. It is mentioned that up to which decimal places, the candidates need to make an answer with NAT. Though, three decimals places are good enough in general; so candidates can go with three decimal if there is not specific mentioned. Fortunately, there are no negative marks in numerical answer type questions.

GATE Exam 2018 pattern unlike the previous patterns; there were some new introductions and changes to make it better and transparent. It is easier to declare the result this year as this is an online exam now.

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