IIT JEE preparation tips for each subject: Learn to score more

The three core subjects of IIT JEE entrance exam have their own specialties and a student needs to prepare accordingly. Aspirants, who are looking to get admission in IITs, they need to get selected in IIT JEE examination. The IIT JEE is the entrance examination for admission in various engineering colleges and institutes of India, apart from IITs, NITs and IITs.

IIT JEE preparation tips

Experts tips for Chemistry preparation

  • Improve Your Concentration And Application Skills – Chemistry is primarily divided into Organic and Inorganic Chemistry. Students should focus on the basic concepts, the processes, reactions and their applications. Numerical questions are meant to prepare properly.
  • Study with Patience and Attention – Students are advised to be careful and patient while studying Organic Chemistry. The concepts are important for their use in a particular problem.
  • Learn and Practice Reactions – You should practice the most important topics, equations, mechanisms, and related problems regularly. The reactions, catalysts and products are important to keep in mind.
  • Regular Revision – Make a routine to revise things which you studied before; so after each chapter or topic. This is really helpful when you are getting confused with the concepts.

Experts tips for Physics preparation

  • Learn Formulas Thoroughly – The formulas are an important section of Physics study. Students should make sure to remember and note down all the formulas to keep them memorize.
  • Learn Derivation Of The Formulas – The thorough understanding of the derivation and its formulas should be memorized and understand properly; this is one of the basics of learning Physics.
  • Focus On Scoring Topics – IIT JEE aspirants should focus on the basic concepts. After clearing the basics, time to move on the scoring topics like Mechanics. Thermodynamics is also one of the topics to learn properly for the next level, which is common with Physics and Chemistry both. The scoring and easy to complete topics should be cover to build your confidence too.
  • Thorough Practice – The formula, theorem and derivations needed practice, physics is one of the scoring subjects in IIT JEE; so make sure that you are practicing these concepts regularly.

Experts tips for Maths preparation

  • Clear your concepts – The basic concepts and the way to solve a particular problem is the key to get a better score in Maths. IIT JEE aspirants should make sure to learn all the basic concepts of different topics. You should make sure to remember these formulas and practice the derivations of the formulas regularly to crack every similar problem.
  • Take Mock Tests – Practice makes a man perfect; and this goes with Maths so effectively. The IIT JEE exam pattern has been changed; you should make sure to prepare with the latest pattern. Mock tests are really helpful here; try to solve as much as possible the mock tests, so you will be able to tackle the exam pressure and time management for the same.

Learn to solve Practice and Previous Years’ Question Papers – This is really important to have the experience of the previous year’s questions and practice questions. This will help you to get the clue of various topics and sort of questions to be appeared.

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