Preparation Tips for CAT 2017 Exam

CAT Preparation Tips

For most of the CAT aspirants CAT exam is like a hard nut to crack. But CAT exam is essentially a tricky exam. On the surface it wears hardness of  coconut-shell, but inside there lies simplicity. If a student strive hard to acquire conceptual clarity over every topic then CAT Exam would become easier to qualify.

Besides conceptual clarity, a student should also acquire speed and accuracy while solving questions. So he or she should practice regularly and make it a habit to revise frequently various topics of different sections for the exam.

Selection of right books for the exam matters a lot. A student should always read only those books which are recommended by his or her teachers or seniors for the exam. Those CAT aspirants who have joined coaching institutes will obviously be given list of best books to be read along with the coaching supplements for the exam. Those candidates who have decided to wade through this exam by self-study can contact their coaching – friends, teachers or seniors for getting the list of recommended books for the exam.

Following are some of the preparation tips for those candidates who are appearing for the CAT 2017 exam

Get updated syllabus – A student should know the arena of his or her study and for that he or she should get the updated version of the syllabus.

Read previous year question papers – A student should identify the question pattern of the CAT exam by reading previous years question papers.

Know your strength and weaknesses – A student should know his or her strong and weak areas in the syllabus. They should try to handle their weak areas first by clarifying doubts and only then move on to undertake their stronger areas to study.

Enhance your speed and accuracy – A student is required to solve 100 questions in 3 hours time. CAT questions are mostly analytical in nature that absorbs larger chunk of allotted time merely in understanding the question by candidates. In order to perform well in this exam, a student should try to solve questions speedily and accurately.

Revise frequently – A student is advised to revise every section frequently. With this practice they can enhance their grip over various topics and could solve questions with speed and ease.

Solve sample papers – one of the best idea to keep one’s preparation on the right track is to solve sample papers frequently. By solving sample papers a student can easily come to know about his or her errors, mistakes and other weak points for the exam. By solving sample papers they can also know about their improvements in various areas, which will boost their moral and keep them motivated during this long-stretched exam preparation period. In this way they can also evaluate about the effectiveness of their learning methods for the exam.

Join online mock tests – A student should necessarily join online mock tests. Mock test replicates examination- hall like environment, which enables students to learn how to tackle the time pressure in the real examination hall and enhance their performance in the exam.

If these simple suggestions are followed by students seriously and religiously, then they stand much better chance to qualify the CAT 2017 exam.

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