How To Prepare For The UGC NET 2017 Exam


The CBSE UGC NET 2017 Exam is scheduled to be held on November 5th, 2017. The admit cards for the exam have been released. The exam will be conducted at 91 test centers across India for 84 subjects. So, if you are appearing in the UGC NET 2017 Exam, then you should devote your time in revisions. You should not try to study any new topic as only 10 days are left for the exam.In such a limited time, you might not be able to cover any new topic properly.

The best way to utilize this 10 days’ time period is to do adequate revisions. With proper revisions, aspirants can score good marks. It increases the accuracy level of solving questions. Good revisions translate into clear memory, fewer confusions, and better command over topics.

Learn how to do smart revisions before the CBSE UGC NET 2017 exam

Set a time-table–Students should set a timetable for revisions and stick to it. There are 3 papers in the UGC NET 2017 exam, students should divide their time of revision for each paper.

Prioritize topics– Some topics are more important than others from the examination point of view. Students should identify such topics and prioritize them to revise.

Segregate conceptual and factual topics– Students should identify conceptual and factual topics in Paper 1, Paper 2, and Paper 3. Brush up the conceptual topics first. Thereafter, revise the factual topics. With conceptual clarity, students will be able to memorize facts in a better way.

Revise your notes– Instead of taking heavy books for revision, better refer to your self-made notes.

Solve test papers everyday– Try to solve test papers every day. It will keep your preparation on the right track and prepare you for the exam day.

Stay updated– Students should know about all latest developments in various areas. This will help to score good marks in the Paper 1 which is related to the current affairs.

With these simple tips for revision, students can optimize their gains in the CBSE UGC NET 2017 exam.

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