Things Never Do 1 Month Before GATE Exam

There is only one month left for GATE exam but the temperature is soaring high for all candidates with each passing days. Last one month before the exam is the most vital time for them. For these days, you need to shed some daily habits to score high on the exam. It may be very hard for you to stay away from those practices as they have become an integral part of your life. But remember, GATE is actually the gateway of opportunities and success. And to enter the Master degree of technology, this gate is your only way. So you have to make very hard and fast rule for yourself and never do these things for these last days.

  • Avoid Social Media: Social media is such addictive and time wasting platform for the exam candidates, that it will drain your concentration as well as time. You need to stay away from all of the social media websites and apps to maintain your mental wellness and focus on the exam.
  • Avoid App Based Study: There are several apps which may guide you in the preparation of GATE. But it causes more distraction than actually concentration on the study. Go for the traditional way of preparation as it works, always.
  • Don’t Study Just After Waking Up: Studying just after waking up is a wrong practice as your whole body including brain needs some time to activate. It is advisable to do some light exercise or walking to gain more energy for a profound preparation. If you don’t do exercise, take some breathe in the fresh air and relax before starting of the daily routine.
  • Don’t Start with Easy Topic: The morning is the best time of the day to indulge in the tough and critical topics as the brain is in the most productive and active stage. So you should not waste that energy by studying some easy topic. You can take mock test during this time also.

Don’t Avoid Analyzing Mock Test: During last month before the exam, it is the time to appear on the mock test as much as possible. But along with appearing on the test, the analysis of each test is equally important. You need to improve your skill on the basis of the feedback of the mock test to bring out your best performance on GATE exam day.

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