Top 5 tips for IIT JEE preparation to crack IIT JEE

IITs are the most prestigious engineering institutes in India; every year, 1000s of students appear in IIT JEE entrance exams. However, not everyone is successful with it; so what makes the difference here with a successful IIT JEE candidates and another.

tips for IIT JEE preparation

Their preparation is the key; how do you prepare and in which direction your IIT JEE preparation is going decides your selection. This year, IIT JEE has changed the exam pattern too, so aspirants are required to be prepared with this too. These are the top 5 tips recommended by the experience of IIT JEE toppers from past years.

Plan and manage time

The first approach is to plan your study routine and manage time accordingly. You should create a well-thought plan to divide and allocate time for various topics of your curriculum for IIT JEE this year. And, this would be really helpful when you change the way you study. For example, you can change your revision time or study style for different subjects.

Mock test

Studying and preparing for IIT JEE requires ample of study, but your amount of study is not a direct ladder for IIT JEE success. Whatever you study, that should be evaluated timely and this could be possible with Mock Tests. The mock tests are the real-time experience for you to get a clear idea of IIT JEE exam. You should plan your schedule for study with mock test, especially when you have chosen online based test pattern.

Correct way of using books/notes

The reference books and notes are available for students to prepare for IIT JEE exam. When you are preparing for the IIT JEE, the books and notes matters; but ahead of that how one uses the books and notes does matter. You should know what to study now and what later; not by reading each topic. For example, in the physics and chemistry, you should start with numerical problems and then move to the theoretical ones.

Commitment and consistency

An IIT JEE aspirant, who is more devoted compare to others are likely to get better results. There is no cheat day for an IIT aspirant; you can’t skip a day or more from the study. You need to work according to your planned schedule for IIT JEE preparation.

Whenever you feel like to excuse from your study for a birthday party, a family get-together, some marriage function or a movie with a friend; just keep everything aside and show commitment. IIT JEE success requires a student to work consistently in the right direction.

Stress-free Health

The IIT JEE exam itself is a hectic routine for aspirants and students who are unable to cope with stress are in a difficult situation for competing further. This is a common occurrence, when students are unable to tackle stress properly and fall ill. In fact, some of these students aren’t able to appear due to poor health.

In order to keep a perfect balance with stress and health, students should focus more on the preparation side rather the result. Along this, if possible keep brisk walk in your daily life as an alternative for the fitness routine.

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